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Aubin Integrity, Flexlife to Provide Offshore Integrity Solutions



Aubin Group and Flexlife

Aubin Group and Flexlife have joined forces to provide full-service integrity management solutions to the oil and gas industry.

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Offshore chemical engineering specialist Aubin Group has formed a cooperation agreement with subsea flexible pipe specialist Flexlife to create an industry first in subsea integrity management. The two companies are working together to provide full-service integrity management solutions to the oil and gas industry.

Under the cooperation, Aubin Integrity, a division of Aubin Group, will supply its development team to create bespoke products and provide offshore personnel for operations. Flexlife will bring its subsea engineering and project management expertise to ensure quality deployment for all applications.

The two companies have a history of working together to create bespoke products and services. This includes collaborating on a number of projects to help mitigate corrosion in hard to access areas around the critical splash zone region of offshore platforms where the seawater and air interface can lead to integrity issues. These projects serve to maximise the remnant life of risers and can defer or obviate the major capital expenditure which would be required if the degraded risers had to be replaced.

The cooperation has also developed a range of pipeline isolation polymers that have been used to address major integrity issues within the substructure of an offshore platform in the U.K. continental shelf. The companies worked together to create an internal pipework sealant, AXI-Lokk, and the delivery process, in record time to enable repair intervention following a serious breach in integrity.

“This cooperation marks a milestone for both companies, as we will be able to take on a wider scope of projects by sharing our innovative and specialized services,” said Serena Arif, subsea director of Aubin Group. “By entering into this, we are launching a new service to the oil industry, providing all areas of an integrity management project from start to finish.”

Able to provide full-circle integrity management services, Aubin Integrity and Flexlife specialize in providing solutions for subsea projects, on- and offshore operations, corrosion mitigation and plugs for temporary or permanent solutions.


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