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Big Equipment Showcase: Pipe Handling and Pipe Bending


The Big Equipment Showcase for May 2018 highlights the top manufacturers of pipe handling and pipe bending equipment used for oil and gas pipeline construction. These machines help lift and place pipe in the ground and to shape it to follow the the bends and curves of the pipeline right-of-way. Vacuum lifters allow pipelayers and sidebooms to safely lift pipe without damaging the coating. Mechanical bending machines curve pipe of all diameters, using hydraulic power. Each piece of equipment aids contractors during the installation of oil and gas pipeline systems.

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In this new product showcase format, North American Oil & Gas Pipelines takes the concept of the Big Equipment Handbook, formerly published each October, and spreads it across each issue. Readers will be able to check the specs on the large equipment used in the pipeline sector to make decisions about purchases or leasing machines. The spec categories allow for apples to apples comparison between multiple brands, so that you can pick the best machine for your project.

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