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Brown Bear Releases New Auger Backfiller

Brown Bear Auger Backfiller

The new Brown Bear Auger Backfiller

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To aid the battle of restoring pipeline rights of way and other jobsites, Brown Bear Corp. has introduced the new R31-8 and R31-10 series auger backfiller attachments for high-flow skid steers and compact track loaders.

The backfiller attachments are designed to be used with flows of up to 50 gpm and pressures up to 5500 PSI. The R31 series is available with or without the Universal skid steer hitch and in either 8- or 10-ft widths. A typical installation would be on the Caterpillar 272D XHD skid steer, the Caterpillar 299D compact track loader, the Terex PT-110 compact track loader or other similar carriers.

The auger backfiller pulverizes the fill and then rolls it into the trench at an incline, filling the trench from the bottom up. This eliminates voids in the fill and recurring maintenance for washouts and settling. The auger backfiller reduces the amount of right of way needed because it works parallel to the trench line and does not require a shuttle operation like a blade or bucket. Production backfilling rate on a 24-in. wide trench 4 ½-ft deep is about 5,000 ft per hour in clay loam soils. The backfiller leaves a finished right of way that normally does not require any further cleanup by blades.


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