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Clock Spring Contour Repair System


show-clockClock Spring Contour is an engineered, wet applied repair system featuring bi-axial or quad-axial stitched fiberglass cloth applied as a wet-lay system with two-part epoxy and filler material.

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The system is:
• Available in multiple kit-sizes for any diameter pipe.
• Repairs are engineered by Clock Spring’s skilled technicians following ISO or ASME guidelines.
• Ideal option for repairs involving complicated geometry situations such as tees, flanges and varying diameter pipe.

Clock Spring Contour is a wet-wrap repair that is suited to a variety of different geometries, including bends, tees and reducers. All Contour repairs are designed following the guidelines of ISO TS 24817 or ASME PCC-2.

Repairs can be used as a pressure-containing repair to seal leaks or as a reinforcing repair to restore the strength of a pipe in the axial and circumferential directions. Clock Spring Contour can be installed with minimal disruption to the operation of a pipe and normally only requires a cold work permit to complete the installation, as only hand tools are used.

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