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Fibrelite, Trenwa Release Composite Trench Cover Line

Trenwa Fibrelite Trench Cover

The Fibrelite trench covers are durable and lightweight, will withstand traffic and harsh field conditions

Fibrelite and Trenwa Inc. released a new line of Fibrelite composite trench covers designed specifically for Trenwa’s pre-cast concrete road crossing trench and available in both HS-20 and HS-25 load ratings.

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The Fibrelite covers are durable and lightweight, will withstand traffic and harsh field conditions, non-conductive and chemically resistant. When combined with Trenwa’s concrete road bases, the covers create an ergonomic, yet affordable system for drive-over areas.

“We believe that Trenwa is the perfect partner for Fibrelite’s composite trench covers. This partnership brings together the leading U.S. manufacturer of pre-cast concrete trench with the world’s leading manufacturer of composite access covers and trench covers,” says Jim Goodman, Fibrelite’s director of sales for North America. Fibrelite is part of OPW, a Dover Corporation company.

The Fiberlite trench covers are available for Trenwa’s entire road crossing trench products from 10- to 48-in. wide.
“We are very pleased to be working with Fibrelite as the quality of their composite trench covers is far better than any other comparable products we have seen in the past,” said George Schurr, Trenwa’s president. “We believe that our customers that require road crossing trench will be impressed with the durability and performance of the Fibrelite HS-20 load rated covers.”

For more information about the about Trenwa’s Fibrelite trench covers, visit the Trenwa website.



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