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Hickory Ground Solutions Aids Tornado Recovery by Analyzing Supply Chain Mapping


Hickory Ground Solutions LLC, of Heathsville, Va., is helping to ease the pain of potential tornado destruction in Central Oklahoma’s oil industry with supply chain mapping analysis.

This area gets hit hard with many tornadoes throughout the year. It can be devastating, said Bart Morrison, CEO of Hickory Ground Solutions.

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Hickory Ground Solutions is teaming with Supply Chain Visions LLC, a consulting firm based in Boston and Arlington, Va., on a contract from the Small Business Administration (SBA). The contract is part of SBA’s Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership program.

The goal is to establish a plan that will identify other organizations in the area to assist with linking manufacturing businesses together to rebuild the local communities.

The team will work with economic development and planning organizations in the area to develop a detailed plan. They will study what resources are available and the financial impact on the community. Another goal is to increase small business participation.

The team’s mapping methodology will provide the necessary framework to grasp the underlying supply chain flows — and their interdependencies — in order to identify opportunity.


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