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New McCrometer Brochure Highlights Subsea Production


Engineers in search of a flow measurement solution designed for the high-pressure, space-constrained subsea oil and gas production environment will want to download a new brochure from McCrometer, available in both English and Portuguese. The comprehensive brochure explains the advantages of the V-Cone Subsea Flow Meter, which operates at pressures of up to 15,000 psi and depths down to 5,000 meters.

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New McCrometer Brochure Highlights Subsea Production

New McCrometer Brochure Highlights Subsea Production

The V-Cone Subsea Flow Meter from McCrometer has been in operation from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico over several decades and is built to stand the test of time. McCrometer has been recognized by the oil and gas industry for its dedication to flow measurement excellence. An extensive reference list of customers and applications is available on request.

Pressure, space and weight constrained subsea and other oil and gas production environments require flow meters that will maintain accuracy under rugged operating conditions. Already cramped subsea installations are further complicated by the extensive straight pipe runs required by most flow meter measurement technologies in order to obtain accurate, repeatable measurement.

The advanced V-Cone Subsea Flow Meter is designed with built-in flow conditioning technology, which reduces straight pipe requirements and allows it to fit into tight spaces. The V-Cone Subsea Flow Meter features a smaller installed footprint in applications for modules, manifolds and Christmas trees than any other subsea flow meter technology. Its accuracy, repeatability and reliable performance have been proven through extensive third party testing protocols, including API 22.2 and field testing during years of subsea applications.

The new brochure is available for download at McCrometer’s website at


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