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PDS Oilfield Service Uses NDT Techniques to Gauge Pulsation Dampener Wear and Tear


In an industry first, PDS Oilfield Service now provides X-ray services to gauge remaining service life and identify possible factory defects present in pulsation dampeners.

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Experienced radiographers will perform the X-rays and then evaluate film based on the ASTM E446 standard. Since pulsation dampener manufacturers are also in charge of quality control, third-party evaluation and an objective performance standard is crucial to identifying potential weaknesses and defects that can lead to catastrophic dampener failure.

Due to the explosive nature of dampener failure, damage to other site equipment is severe and wide-spread. Because of the size and weight of failed dampener fragments, the fatal risk to personnel is high. This new inspection service makes the cost, danger and downtime associated with dampener failure a completely avoidable risk.

If upon film evaluation, the pulsation dampener does not comply with the ASTM standard, Longview, Texas-based PDS Oilfield Service can remove defective dampeners from service and provide refurbished, replacement dampeners that are in compliance with the standard.


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