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Quintiq Platform Provides Crude Oil Delivery Logistics


Quintiq, a provider of supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) systems, announced Aug. 15 that Marquis Inc. is rolling out Quintiq 5.0 across its crude oil business. The platform is configured to optimize the transportation of crude oil across Marquis’ supply chain. Deployment began in July and will be completed by the end of 2013.

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Marquis operates a rail-to-barge transfer system transporting crude oil from origins in the United States to multiple destinations along the Mississippi River. The company has a fleet of rail cars and barges with 550,000 barrels of storage capacity and a 24-hour unit train transfer system. The challenge of balancing increasing demand from multiple customers, resource capacity limitations and handling large volumes of crude oil creates an intricate planning puzzle.

The Quintiq 5.0 platform will automate planning functions across the organization to optimize the quantity of crude oil transported via the rail terminal-barge and port systems. The platform provides increased planner independence and a more efficient crude oil logistics supply chain.

“Our work with Marquis brings us closer to solidifying our SCP&O leadership position in the oil and gas supply chain marketplace,” said Dr. Victor Allis, CEO of Quintiq. “We have built industry solutions tailored to the unique planning requirements of the industry and are excited to be working with Marquis.”


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