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Schwarze-Robitec Debuts PB Series Plate Bending Machines

Faster production processes: The PB4 machines with four rollers and the Seven CNC control.

Faster production processes: The PB4 machines with four rollers and the Seven CNC control.

The PB series plate bending machines from Schwarze-Robitec meet the demand for those looking to bend thick plates, of high-quality material, like those used in the energy and offshore sectors.

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Due to its particularly stable design of the top roller, drive side and safety chuck side, the PB series has the necessary bending force to bend solid plates up to 200 mm thickness.

When employing these modern PB machines, there is little excess material providing a cost savings when considering the plate thicknesses. Compared to other plate bending machines on the market, with the PB machines, the plates are completely clamped, except for a small section.

As no additional processing steps are needed for bending the ends, the production time is also up to three times shorter. This work step is already carried out when clamping the plate in the machine, because the bottom rollers are fed to the top roller.

Another advantage of this technology is that the long end does not protrude at the top of the machine, but at the bottom towards the floor. This provides a much higher occupational safety than conventional technology.

The PB series machines are optionally equipped with three or four rollers. While the version with three rollers represents a reasonable solution for manufacturers of smaller batch sizes and for the forming of variable plate thicknesses and widths, the four roller machines are ideal for series production.


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