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Security Firm SSI RM Signs 5-Year Alliance Agreement with IPLOCA


SSI RM signed a five-year Alliance Agreement with International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA) on July 24. The agreement allows the global security and risk management firm to become an Allied Institution in conjunction with sitting on the IPLOCA HSE committee.

IPLOCA is an association made up of more than 250 members that provides a platform to share ideas, network and build business relationships within the onshore and offshore pipeline construction industries. SSI RM is a specialist security and risk management consultancy that delivers high level security and risk mitigation services to the offshore and onshore industries. The agreement enables SSI RM to continue to develop its presence in the international pipeline sector, as well as contribute significant specialist insights to all IPLOCA members.

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SSI RM will provide a range of different services to the association and its members including bespoke Country Briefs, as well as City Reports, which provide detailed data regarding the security and risk profile of more than 70 global locations. In addition, the company will provide Post-incident Reports and host an IPLOCA Portal where a complete library of its Country Briefs can be accessed. Furthermore, SSI RM’s sister company SSI Energy will provide medical risk management advice and services to IPLOCA members.

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On the Alliance, director Jules Rawles described the partnership as “exciting, considering SSI Group’s recent successes in the provision of security and medical services to construction projects in high risk territories.” When asked to comment further, Rawles explained that “SSI RM’s mission behind the Alliance is to support all IPLOCA members in their objective to improve the safety of personnel working in higher risk regions of the world as well as contribute subject matter expertise in medical and risk management requirements.”

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