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Timken Product Increases Safety on Oil Rigs


Canton, Ohio-based bearing manufacturer Timken Co. has introduced a product that helps increase safety and improves uptime on oil rigs.

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Timken's new Sheave Pac bearing assembly reduces re-greasing on oil rigs.

Timken’s new Sheave Pac bearing assembly reduces re-greasing on oil rigs.

The Timken Sheave Pac bearing assembly is designed to eliminate the need to re-grease the traveling block or crown block on oil rigs. In the past, maintenance personnel performed the challenging task of re-lubricating the crown and traveling blocks situated hundreds of feet above the rig platform. The Timken Sheave Pac alleviates that job through its sealed-for-life sheave bearing assembly, helping to increase safety for rig workers and reduce expensive downtime.

The pre-greased, pre-set and unitized Timken Sheave Pac can eliminate the need for re-greasing the bearing because company’s engineers designed the bearing assemblies to run an entire operating cycle between rebuild without the need for re-lubrication or additional maintenance. The Sheave Pac assembly easily interchanges with current industry-standard bearing assemblies and seals.

This product has been operating successfully for the past two years under an exclusive customer agreement but is now available for sale to the marketplace. For more information, visit


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