Trans Mountain Files Six Month Summary Construction Schedule


Trans Mountain announced July 3 that it has filed a six month outlook summary schedule for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project with the National Energy Board (NEB) outlining construction activities planned for 2018.

A copy of the filing can be found here.

Work will begin in Alberta in August and the North Thompson region of British Columbia (BC) in late September. Additional construction is planned in the Lower Mainland of BC and the work at Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, that has been underway since September 2017, will continue.

“We’re excited to be moving forward in Alberta and the North Thompson, bringing and delivering on our commitments to local, regional and Aboriginal jobs and benefits,” said Ian Anderson, president, Kinder morgan Canada Ltd. “We have undertaken thorough, extensive and meaningful consultations with Indigenous Peoples, communities and individuals and remain dedicated to those efforts and relationships as we move forward with construction activities.”

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The filed schedule shows the next six months of planned construction activities and there is no update to the projected in-service date for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Construction Activities – July 2018 to January 2019

Spread 2 – Central Alberta

Spread 2 includes approximately 290 km of pipeline between Edmonton and Jasper National Park in Alberta. Midwest Pipelines Inc. is the general contractor for this portion of the Project.

Work will begin in August 2018 and will include:

  • Surveying, staking and flagging the right-of-way and installing signage
  • Measures to protect the environment, such as weed control, relocation of any rare plants, and wildlife surveys
  • Clearing of trees and vegetation

Spread 3 and 4 – North Thompson, BC

Spread 3 is approximately 120 km of pipeline between Mt. Robson Provincial Park and Blue River in BC’s North Thompson. This work will be carried out by Ledcor Sicim Limited Partnership (LSLP). Spread 4 is approximately 155 km of pipeline from Blue River to Trans Mountain’s Darfield pump station, north of Kamloops.

Work will begin in Spread 3 in September 2018 and Spread 4 in November 2018 and will include:

  • Surveying, staking and flagging the right-of-way and installing signage
  • Measures to protect the environment, such as weed control, relocation of any rare plants and wildlife surveys
  • Clearing of trees and vegetation

Lower Mainland, BC

Lower Mainland includes Westridge Marine Terminal, Burnaby Terminal, Burnaby Mountain tunnel and Sumas Terminal in Abbotsford. Kiewit-Ledcor Trans Mountain Partnership (KLTP) is the contractor for Lower Mainland.

Construction at the Westridge Marine Terminal began in September 2017 and has continued over the past nine months.

Additional construction activities are scheduled to begin in July 2018 and will include:

  • Developing the Westridge Marine Terminal tunnel portal
  • Relocating existing infrastructure to accommodate the expansion at Burnaby Terminal
  • Line-wide – Temporary Infrastructure

Work is underway and will continue in 2018 along the entire pipeline route to develop temporary infrastructure sites such as stockpile sites, construction yards and camps. This work includes:

  • Laying down gravel, installing safety fencing
  • Installing temporary buildings for construction offices or worker accommodation
  • Temporary sites include pipe stockpile sites in BC and Alberta, construction yards and camp locations in Valemount, Blue River, Clearwater, Merritt and west of Hope, BC.

Permits and Approvals

The schedule is subject to fulfilling applicable necessary pre-construction Conditions and receipt of necessary local permits and permissions from various levels of governments and authorities. As we move forward with the Expansion Project, we will continue our ongoing process of seeking and obtaining necessary permits with federal, provincial and municipal permitting authorities.

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The Trans Mountain Expansion Project has undergone an unprecedented level of scrutiny and review and has received approval from the Government of Canada, and is subject to 157 Conditions from the National Energy Board and 37 Conditions attached to the Environmental Certificate received from the Province of British Columbia.



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