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*It is the responsibility of attendees to contact their state approval boards to verify whether they accept webinars for credit. It is free to attend a North American Oil & Gas Pipelines webinar. If you would like a CEU certificate for attending there will be a $10 administrative fee. Click here for CEU Form (PDF).

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The Evolution of Leak Detection: Leak Detection 1.0 – Leak Detection 4.0


Description: This webinar will discuss the different methodologies available for leak detection, together with the pros and cons of each. Approaches discussed include external methods that can be buried with the pipeline itself and software methodologies that depend on pressure, flow, and/or temperature readings.

Discussion then moves on to the possibility of reducing nuisance alarms by combining methods in a way that covers all phases of a pipeline, and by using one method to validate leaks discovered by another.


NASTTNASTT’s Trenchless Trends in the Gas Industry

This webinar will host a discussion on trenchless trends in the gas industry. The session will provide a detailed review of various state-of-the-art trenchless internal inspection, maintenance and repair platforms recently developed, including live CCTV inspection options, locating from inside the pipe, leak pinpointing and internal repair under live conditions – all without interruption of service to customers. Discussion will also include trenchless trends in research and development activities. Trenchless technology repair and replacement activities continue to be a growing trend in the gas industry.